Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Last 3 Sundays

The last three Sundays, my blood pressure has been normal, but only because I couldn't watch the games. Two of the New England games were not broadcast locally and I had to do with the all too slow updates while watching some other game. This last Sunday I was driving back from Denver. Because of my ongoing bet with my Father-In-Law, I somehow managed to have $5 on Dallas. Since I couldn't respect myself in the morning if I had to cheer for them and they actually won, I had to make a $10 bet on Denver with my Brother-In-Law who is a diehard Cowboys fan. So I got to avoid having to cheer for Dallas and the Denver win covered my pre-existing bet with my Father-In-Law. So all is good... except that the Patriots have resigned to being an average team this year losing to KC. *sigh*


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